Transitional Care

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Supporting Smooth Transitions for Seniors

At Home Instead, our approach to transitional care involves collaboration between our team and the hospital discharge teams. Led by our Nurse Case Managers and supported by our skilled caregivers, we ensure seamless coordination every step of the way. Together, we strive to facilitate a smooth transition from hospital to home, prioritizing the comfort and well-being of our clients.

Ensuring a smooth continuity of care includes:

  • Collaborative Care Coordination: Our Nurse Case Managers and caregivers work in close partnership with hospital transitional teams to maintain your loved one’s comfort during hospitalization and discharge to home or rehab facility.
  • Personalized Care Plans: Our team ensures that your loved one’s care plan is meeting their changing needs. This includes ensuring that your loved one have access to safety equipment and other supportive devices that will keep them safe at home after the hospital discharge.
  • Health Monitoring and Reporting: Post-operative recovery time is often stressful due to the changes it bring to one’s routines and home. Your loved one may require additional assistance and monitoring to ensure that they are well on their road to recovery. Our caregivers are on hand to minimize the disruptions so that individuals can focus on their recovery.
  • Understanding of Limitations: We understand that despite the best intentions of family and friends, it may be unfeasible to provide the level of care required during an acute medical event. Our team can provide support in coordinating services and offer emotional support throughout the hospitalization process while taking direction from family members, friends and power of attorneys.

Whether it’s coordinating services, providing assistance with daily tasks, or offering emotional support, our team is dedicated to empowering clients and their families throughout the transition process.

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