Billing Information

Billing Cycle

We invoice semi-monthly, for service periods of the 1st – 15th and from 16th – the end of the month. Invoices are generally sent the next business day (ie. the 16th and 1st).



If you choose to receive our invoices by email, as indicated in your Service Agreement, you will receive a confirmation email from Wellsky Personal Care. If you do not receive an email from Wellsky, please check your email Junk folder.

Please note: if you have indicated that multiple recipients are receiving a copy of the invoice by email, you will not see everyone email in the correspondence as they are sent out through bcc.

Statutory Holiday Rates

Nine Ontario statutory holidays are calculated at time and a half of the rates listed in your Service Agreement. Ontario companies are obligated to pay this rate for all statutory holidays.


Payment Method

We are able to receive payment via pre-authorized debit (PAD), as well as cheque. If you wish to change your payment method to pre-authorized debit, please complete and send us the PAD Agreement (PDF | Word).


What is a pre-authorized debit (PAD)? 

A pre-authorized debit (PAD) is a withdrawal from your financial institution account, by a company, with your permission. PAD is often used as a convenient way to make regular payments on an ongoing basis.  Benefits of PADs include avoiding the necessity of writing and mailing cheques, and having no late or missed payments.  

Is PAD payment safe? 

All PAD transactions are safe and secure. The Canadian Payments Association (CPA) and its member financial institutions have established certain terms and conditions for the processing of PADs to protect the consumer and to ensure that these transactions are properly authorized. Home Instead Senior Care follows these conditions.  

What process is involved in setting up PAD payment? 

You (as the Payer) would make arrangements for PAD payments directly with our office of Home Instead (as the Biller). The agreement states the terms and conditions, and has a section for you to fill in with your customer and banking information. The agreement can be cancelled at any time or changed. 

Once you have provided us with a completed PAD agreement, no more is required on your part. Should you wish to include a blank, “VOID” cheque to ensure that the banking information is completed correctly, you can do so. Bi-monthly, following each invoice period, we would automatically debit the total amount of your invoice from your bank account. You would continue to receive your invoice, detailing all of the shifts and charges.

Tax Letters

Each year by the end of February, a letter for tax purposes will be mailed from our office. By default, these letters are sent out to the person paying the invoice and the corresponding mailing address. If you need this letter to be sent to another individual, please let our office know.


Do you have a question?

We welcome questions or feedback at 416-972-5096 or by email: or