Charting Your Path to Aging Well: The 40-70 Rule Action Plan

Discover practical strategies to proactively plan for aging, designed to empower you and your loved ones for the journey ahead.

Growing older brings inevitable changes, impacting various aspects of life such as living choices, relationships, finances, and health. Yet, many find themselves unprepared to face these changes head-on. Research by the Home Instead® network reveals that crucial conversations about aging are often prompted by emergencies, highlighting the importance of proactive planning. Enter the 40-70 Rule®, a program designed to initiate difficult conversations early and encourage families to document their wishes.

In our Action Plan for Successful Aging, we provide expert guidance and conversation tips to empower individuals and their loved ones to navigate the road ahead with confidence. Whether you’re planning for yourself or a loved one, this resource equips you with the tools needed to embrace aging with clarity and assurance.

Download the full plan here: An Action Plan for Successful Aging (2020).

Download An Action Plan for Successful Aging (2020).

The following tools and resources can help families developing an action plan:

  • Canada Safety Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing injuries and death
  • Ontario Home Builders’ Association, to find an building professional to renovate for accessibility